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Welcome to Trika Warrior Arts!

Trika Warrior Arts was started as a collective of spiritual practitioners studying and training under Dharmanidhi Sarasvati, Spiritual Director of Trika Institute.  Trika Warrior Arts allows practitioners to develop the body awareness required to reap the benefits of sadhana (spiritual work), and offers the physical aspect of martial arts training as a part of the path to direct realization of our Essential Nature. We offer authentic training in Kushti/ Catch-as-Catch Can Wrestling, Self-Defense, Combat Submission Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts and Warrior Yoga.

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Training/Class Schedule


Mon    5:30-7:00pm  Mixed Martial Arts
Tues   5:30-7:00pm Submission Wrestling

Wed   5:30-7:00pm Mixed Martial Arts

Thu     5:30-7:00pm Submission Wrestling

Fri      5:30-7:00pm Open Mat

Sat     8:30am-12:00pm  Open Mat

Sun     Studio Closed


$70 per month for one martial art
$100 unlimited, all classes

For more information, contact us


3647 Martin Luther King, Oakland [Map]

Training/Class Schedule
Mon   5:30-7:00pm 
         Mixed Martial Arts  
Tues    5:30-7:00pm
             Submission Wrestling 
Wed   5:30-7:00pm   
          Mixed Martial Arts
 Thu   5:30-7:00pm 
          Submission Wrestling            
Fri     5:30-7:00pm   
         Open Mat
Sat     8:30am-12:00pm                     Open Mat
Sun   Studio Closed

Winter- 3647 Martin Luther King, Oakland [Map]